Usually, there's time to schedule a stop at Pappas Bar-B-Q for some mouthwaterin' Texas brisket, sausage, chicken and ribs, but sometimes you’re stuck downtown and you just can't wait that long. If you're in downtown Houston and you need Pappas Bar-B-Q on the fly, you call us and we'll bring it straight to ya!
No matter what the occasion, you can bet your Aunt Fanny’s good Sunday hat it’s gonna taste better with Pappas Bar-B-Q. All it takes is a quick call to the catering department and we’ll pack up the whole shootin’ match and bring it to you wherever you are. Meats, sides, rolls, desserts, drinks, utensils – whatever and however much you want. We offer a mouth-waterin’ range of menus and our super friendly staff can even help you get set up! Give us a call. A heapin’ helpin’ of fun never tasted so good!

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People tell us Pappas Bar-B-Q is so good, their mouths start waterin' before they hit the city limits. Which is exactly why we've got a catering company that can bring you all the tongue-tinglin' brisket, sausage, ribs, chicken, bread, sides and dessert you can stand. If you're outside downtown Houston, just click the link below and our catering folks'll be glad to help you.

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